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On The Mend: CAD

Tara Darby discusses the most common type of Heart Disease. Tara helps you understand what the disease is and how to help manage or prevent it from happening. When visiting the doctor, Tara discusses how they help monitor your heart from blood tests to stress tests.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 4.32.37 PM On The Mend: Diabetes Overview

Casey Ford Alexander gives a broad understanding of what diabetes is, and mentions the different types. Casey discusses how it effects people and the symptoms that are very common, but not everyone has. He also reassures you, with the availability of new technology and research, there are several different treatments… Read More»

OTM Heart Disease On The Mend: Heart Disease Overview

Heart Disease is a general term that describes a variety of diseases which can affect your heart. Casey Ford Alexander discusses some of the most common forms of heart disease. He also talks about risk factors and symptoms. This is a great video to give you a broad understanding of… Read More»

OTM Digestive Health On The Mend: Digestive Health Overview

Millions of Americans are affected with common disorders of the digestive health. Tara Darby, gives you a broad understanding of the topic and mentions the most common digestive health issues. After mentioning what the disorder does, she also mentions the symptoms and if there are treatments out there or not.

OTM-Diabetes 2 On The Mend: Diabetes, Type II Overview

Whether you have Type II Diabetes or not, Tara Darby, helps give a understanding to what the condition is and how it effects the body.  Tara mentions how to monitor the condition, how to live with it, and the best overall practices to help avoid medications.